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James brave general bid for United States promo sites TVGuide

On Monday, the reported Deadline Hollywood website, the site's parent company, Lionsgate is structure-and, hopefully in price of about $ 20 million of for sale to a strategic investor.
but the whole family's feelings, suitable Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) acquisition strategy. Obviously, is a media company. Lions Gate films bought in 2009, the site of another major shareholder is JPMorgan's investment company One Equity Partners. She has hinted that Yahoo, I wish to make some smaller acquisitions, in order to improve the current product line, especially in mobile scale. Compliance with people saying, this just profiles price, while Yahoo still study on is their online media product line, is now or not must business can achieve. Beijing time on November 20, United States Science and technology blog All Things d aid to coax people saying that Yahoo is bidding for United States promo video and news Web site
person suggested that this announcement, Yahoo acquisitions supervisor jieji·leisesi (Jackie Reses) is considering the many approaches and touches a lot of size.
Lions Gate films earlier statement said, self user visits per month was 24 million and 7 million move dip. In this industry, Rethers is considered in addition a company Maker Studios in Los Angeles.

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