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How long the same website keywords ranking

In zhiqian of articles in the I on said, if let I select a effect SEO maximum of components, I will select outside chain! like front of work device, website structure, website content this points, are is we as long as slightly squarely on can do of! but outside chain differences, outside chain than of is craft, than of is cost! certainly here I not said get outside chain of prepared, but how get not variable of outside chain! say you has always with public blog raised station, every day are sent several articles, then plus anchor text links, Effect blog you the hours one day off, then there is no doubt that you will lose a lot of the chain. This is outside chain not not variable of a notices! so said, get not variable outside chain of conditions is can let you of website links has always in collection in the Flash! here I said ego feeling best of prepared, is raised self site! after process these website to you to do of main website added links, due to these links of delete right in I here!
total of, does, wants to get a not variable of ranking does, not variable of SEO components is will not less of! if you of website ranking often Flash mass of change, Then find out which component is not the same breed! many people said in my Flash website ranking when large-scale fluctuations is Baidu algorithm changes lead, you think about it, Web sites on the Internet so much, Baidu how to do large-scale algorithm transfers. Many owners often ask Jinan website makes promoted research core: why did yesterday's rankings in the Home, search ranking, it can not find it again today ... Or ranking not not variable, often sex of change does? first effect SEO of components is many of, analogy: work device, website structure, website content, website outside chain and so on many, so to has a not variable of ranking, first a need conditions is guarantees these effect SEO of components it is not variable of! so how get a not variable of ranking does?
1. not variable of website structure
here I on put website problem problem, moments Word and description is Shang has! I say the same structure does not mean that you cannot modify site.. But cannot mass of amendment and cannot frequent of amendment, such on website of ranking are is unlucky of! as website of problem problem, moments Word and description, also cannot frequent of amendment, if often amendment not only will drop ranking, even will Flash Home was k of scene! special is website of problem problem! so said new station in to search engine submitted Shi, must to put website problem problem and structure one-time design good, do not frequent amendment! many webmaster on has a habits is in work device of website background directly modified source, This modified modified that modified modified, such is owes good, due to one-time modified good again upload!
2. not variable high-speed of work device
in I ego seems, not variable to than speed to of important of more! certainly, website of opened speed also cannot than snail also slow! ego feeling, domestic of ping value in 100ms within, abroad of ping value in 250ms within, are also is can received of! that on was asked, domestic of speed fast, why without domestic of does? is many people with abroad of space, A is due to without record, due to now of record to than Qian two years trouble of more; second is limit less, I on said a classic of example, a partner in blog Shang wrote of "I need a ** State of work device", effect space Shang, due to Flash "Taiwan. alone" this sensitive moments Word to put website shut has...
work device of not degeneration really of is is is important, not letter you try try, put website closed two or three days, Jinan Baidu optimization ranking immediately on off has! while also has a problem problem is friendship links! I remember I had a station, friendship link above to compare more problems problems of effects work closed for two days, search through the friendship link has become my one way links ... Due to many webmaster are has morning up check outside chain of scene, if you of website playing not open, he feeling you not do website or put he of links withdrawal off has...
3. not variable of website content
so-called of website content is is links a not variable of website update frequency! many station are happy hobby original articles, every day on time wrote articles, or on pseudo original, is not to reproduced articles! I sleep of didn't need, first I ego feeling, update website we of start points should is user, And not search engine! so said this day has content can feeling readers Flash a article original articles natural best, didn't content Shi turned a article is is sophisticated of articles is is good of! I ego most not happy hobby of is put some above not received below of pseudo original! also, here most important of is a update frequency of problem problem, is not every day more more more good, but you can by this frequency keep more long moments! cut cannot three points heat