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Website internal optimization of the 12 policy element leak

Website internal optimization is a difficult and important in SEO work, we talk about internal optimization strategies focus on the site as a whole, not for a particular page.
website internal optimization problems:
1, guaranteed Web site identity information.
2 information, exclude mutual interference.
3, easy for users to understand and use.
4 and easy to understand search engine.
internal optimization strategies include: keyword strategies, page optimization, remove noise and improve the user experience.
keyword strategy 1, the page title has been regarded the most important focus. Facts also confirm that write the correct title, it has an enormous advantage. Proper title should be focused on the following questions:
from the site on the whole Web site title similarity, many CMS templates use classification title tags to group the title, if a title tag proportion is large enough, very easily title similarity.
your title meets the page content? Whether the user can easily understand? Keywords in the title is natural and not deliberately added to the search engine watch?
2, part of the label's use, can not be ignored.
not so consider keywords tags, just add 3-4 keyword can have, so a lot would be counterproductive.
Description label is a description tag, does not make you a XX,XXX keyword, organized and coherent statement to your Web site. May wish to add a little bit part of the keyword.