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Has been are in Shanghai SEO Club mixed, daily on so boring of typing chat, until today, only found has been go of route is wrong of, until today said up a website, I only came, things after is such child of, I optimization a website, but I is no pay any things, and all are is that bit company boss in operation, today I said has buy links of things, and enterprise of boss has been in do bidding, then Club of a members on I said, that you is responsible for what, I said I is responsible for optimization, Then he said, it is not your responsibility, but what do you want, what you want, of course, is money, I asked him why, for ideal.
then from behind of intermittent in the, I finally understand, in do SEO of process in the, we not wants to what, but is responsible for what, once you is is responsible for what, you only will like to what has what, has been of thought are wandering in wants to what among, also let I himself live in tangled in the, I only found, original himself has been go of road is errors of, we is need constantly forward, we of thought must to development, to learned to thinking, may I wrote of this article articles only I himself can see understand, If you can read, I think you would have a little income, at least I have, and I talk to the seniors, I will always remember him, anyway, I'm crap every day