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13 basic way to get external links

  There are many ways to access to external links, is the best way to provide valuable content, and let the others automatically link to you, but this is not suitable for many webmasters, especially novice webmaster, share a few practical methods below.
1, forum topics posted: forums are generally not allowed to advertise things, but your post makes sense, you can finally take your link in the article. Such postings are also likely to be included, so the links will be counted. This method is than I highly recommend WP Forum SEOwhy Forum 2, posts: own articles written after, not just published on his Web site, can also be published on the other Web sites, some websites can publish articles without audit, this is an opportunity to leave a link.
3, provide online services: online services do not have to be professional, sometimes entertaining or utility service is also welcome, for webmasters, online PR queries, keyword density, and even interesting little games, are very suitable for. So someone will collect or link to your website.
4, available for free download: including practical eBook, free blog templates, or some plug-in or building material, can attract users to link to our Web site. This is a link bait.
5, write their own blog: blog writing blog posts and discussions, which is a kind of culture, if you will actively participate in the blogosphere Gets a lot of links to friends. In our active links and comments on others ' at the same time, also get this link, and so on.
6, category: category weight is relatively high, but it's difficult to be included. So you need to log in some industry or local Web site directory, categories similar to free navigation, but different navigation.
7, look for: If you have a friend in some non-profit sites, such as a school or academic study sites, these sites are search engines trust is high, so if you know a friend, you can ask them to send you a link.
8, buy link: buying links is considered undesirable, but it is undeniable that there are many people buy links to increase your PR and weight, if you have a good Web site, may wish to try, but for now, good external links are rare, but not impossible. But I don't recommend doing it to improve more quickly, but after all, money9, cross links: cross linking are links, but for your master, is a one-way link, these links easier to monitor, as long as it doesn't go too far, not too much, because the Internet itself is a great network.
10, soft paper or press release: press release indexed by Baidu, so are a lot of websites, and secondary spread, will also link you to reproduce, these links are one-way, can promote our brand, but will also add external links, so why not.
11, bookmarking and bookmark: bookmarking and bookmark it now links to share with many people, will also appear in the summaries of the top at the same time, these summaries user evaluation on your website, also has a positive effect on rankings.
12, use Wikipedia: now a lot of people try to edit Wikipedia, this can provide direct traffic for their website, but most of the ground to provide a link to this website link can deliver very high weights.
13, link bait: link bait is the strengths of many owners, generally can do in-depth reports or surveys, or creative idea, or is the accumulation of resources, or provide some useful queries are feasible approaches. But generally needs some technical support.