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How bloggers can improve the blog Group built only built to increase weight

There are a lot of SEO to build cluster software, so a lot of people are enjoying themselves. From Chen SEO point of view, not the best group blog building software. Software to help you create a lot of blogs, but at the same time, he also made a lot of spam. That case is very easy to K,K is equivalent to waste the following Shanghai SEO, website optimization will talk about it more.
1 built, then what is the blogosphere?
the blogosphere a lot people who do SEO are very understanding, and website building is a truth. Whether it's Group built a blog or group built the site, his purpose is only one, that is the goal for his services. What is the use of the following will give you an overview, just saying what the blogosphere built here. Theory blogosphere is a one of many blogs and links, and every blog with its own optimization of site links. What effect would such an arrangement? Please see the following article.
2, the blogosphere has built and how we all know blog weight of several large portals are relatively high, what is the weight? Simply put how important is the site in the search engines. Higher weight website will rank higher in search engines before, our objective in doing SEO here, do blog purpose built group here. Bloggers building and site building is a principle so why would we choose the blog group to build it?
first of all, is the weight of several blog itself is very good, and it's free, and website building takes a lot of money, buying a domain name, and no blog high weight, blogs are a few portals under the tree good for nothing but shade. And then tell everyone about the blogosphere has built what role do Baidu blog is equivalent to a high ranking website, website link in your goals blog link is equivalent to found a powerful link on your Web site. We on can points to blog of weight, second, in blog Shang wrote articles, then with Shang himself website key word of anchor received (anchor received: do key word ranking of key, not clear anchor received is what of please Baidu about, do key word ranking on by it) Dang Baidu spider included you articles of when on will through links came to you of station, this but high weight website of spider, effect is good, conducive to website of ranking.
Moreover, the blogosphere the sprocket effect: blog all together, can have a blog group effect, or produce a chain effect. Sprocket of way, if has ABCD four a blog group, we of links way is AB BC CD DA, let it produced a chain of effect, then in each blog Shang are plus himself website of friendship links, such several blog of weight on will slowly of increased, we several target station of weight also will increased (as why to such chain everyone also is Baidu about).
search engine on was reproduced of articles of original station will give is high of weight, we sprocket of all blog are reproduced same article articles, on will to search engine think is was large of reproduced, to give target station high of weight, reproduced of while also can give we large of outside chain, originally only a outside chain, in we formed blog group yihou everyone while reproduced, was included of chances probably has percent 60 around, so we on by a article articles increased has percent 60 of outside chain. Articles to be included, which means that when there are 60 US 60 an article after the chain and source site weights will have greatly improved, then when adding anchor links in the article, the effect will be, at least it is a carved arrow three approaches. We bloggers have a very good management mechanism, every blog can only submit one article a week let us reprint, we all have to reprint an article, this is mandatory, the only way to maintain the order of the blogosphere and effects, we all freeze had no effect, why only one? Let us consider, will have a new Member in the group if each week 2 articles reproduced, reproduced at least 20 articles a day, have a greater chance of being a blog, the effect is certainly not. So we have people not too much, there are 4 to 5 will be able to build the blogosphere, most no more than 20, too much of it also has no effect. Blog was supposed to be a people to build a great blog, but very tired, a lot of trouble, has white hair to maintain, so we got together, so that they just built a blog can have the effect of bloggers.
actually built a blog, will not spend a lot of time, use a little bit of time, registering one or two blogs at once, blogs more slowly, and myself to do things, how more attention. So you have to update the blog every now and then, and blogs can also be interconnected, this method does not serve two purposes. In that case, blogs included more and more. Weight will naturally increase.
of course, blogging is the high weight of the preferred collection portal. This is just a small SEO CHAN, Shanghai SEO, website optimization, and hope to have more exchanges of experience.