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By SEO forums

Today took a look at the SEO forum, found that today's SEO rounds they did not before, I don't know why there are so many boring people, always thought that Cardiff teacher China SEO genius, but his following SEO forums now, but so many people like this, it really was sad.
actually do website optimization is articles, outside chain, within chain this points, was had said within chain for King, outside chain for Emperor, but also has is is articles best is original of, I himself yiqian is pseudo original, but found almost no what effect,, if such a article articles around, just slightly modified, that spider on you of articles has interest did? Answer of course is no. So I have developed is the most fresh, tell the others will never get into do something.
chain the best way is through a variety of forums, blogs (for example, Webmaster forum, tianya blog) leave your footprint, so it is very important that, if new owners at least more.
link did not need to say, that most people know they should do one thing I insist is expensive, only the long-term success, Google updated a few days ago, most webmasters also saw, Some people of PR from 0 rose to 2.3 ranging, but this days and Qian Department off down has, most and returned to original of point has, so website is to after we of carefully maintenance, if you of website refers to so more, on not occurred this things has I daily are through webmaster tool query himself of website, I himself of keywords is SEO, Shanghai website optimization, Shanghai SEO, although now no row to front, but only this just is a time problem