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Scope of business

Event marketing

Have news value, social impact, and celebrity figures or events always attract the interest and attention of the media, public organizations and consumers, we-Keiro PR in order to fully understand the phenomenon of the Internet and a rich network of public relations experience, plan numerous networking events, for corporate and product improves visibility, reputation, establish a good brand image.

    Keiro PR, behind the manufacture of countless Internet celebrity and networking event, is China's first network of media have repeatedly reported by thousands of PR experts Keiro's team. As leaders of Keiro PR, Keiro is well known to the public, from sister Lotus to create a Pepsi promotion, Keiro leads we have created one miracle after another.

    network focus leader, plenty of event marketing experience, perfect for creative ideas, excellent writing skills and capacity for timely and effective implementation, is a guarantee of Keiro can create countless events marketing miracle. Infinity on the open Internet, in colorful virtual world, Keiro PR, product planning events with a variety of perspectives writing all kinds of manuscripts, controlled a network of public opinion, truly the ultimate dream of Fame.