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Scope of business

Internet public relations

In the online world, natural selection, survival of the fittest. Us-PR-Keiro, fought for many years, networks not only fully adapted to the jungle environment, but also ushered in the new era of network marketing, and now, we have become a leader in China's most influential Internet marketing.

    known as "the godfather of network hype", "Network PR first person" Keiro is our leader; by numerous network planning team composed of veterans and Internet public relations teams, is the source of creativity; located in the huge network promotion team as well as rich media resources is the guarantee of our success.
    as China's largest network of PR firms, our clients include Sina, tianya, Alibaba, Taobao, Tencent, SMG, Lenovo, Pepsi-Cola, wahaha, CHANGHONG, the United States, more than 200 Chinese well-known brand. So many success stories, as illustrated by our network of public relations experience, we've deservedly known as the network leader in the PR industry. &Nbsp;

    our marketing base in community, news stand, and appeal of blogs, video appeal continue to create one network after another miracle.