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Scope of business

Web site maintenance

a good website, not just a one-time can make the perfect, because situations constantly change, Web site content also needs to be adjusted accordingly, give people a new feeling, your website will attract visitors and gives visitors a good impression. This requires us to the site for a long period of continuous maintenance and updating. Especially in enterprises launch new products or new services, and has a lot of movement or change, such as when existing enterprises should be reflected on your website in a timely manner, so that customers and partners understand the details of your situation in a timely manner, you can also get feedback in a timely manner, in order to make a reasonable result.

website maintenance is not only Web content updates, including content on a Web page by FTP software to upload, ASP, CGI-bin directory management, counter file management; site of extension services on a regular basis. Update refers not to change site structure and page forms case, fixed column increase or modify the content for your Web site. For example, an e-commerce website, it needs to increase the types of goods in the run, also need to modify product descriptions or quotations, updates to content on your Web site.

in terms of enterprise information management, the comprehensive information portal to be able to meet the actual needs of the enterprise, and can adapt to changing market requirements, development with enterprise development, to provide enterprises with reliable, convenient management and Office Tools. In integrated enterprise information portal platform integrated custom development according to the characteristics of your business enterprise OA systems, customer relationship management and business process automation systems and other related products, make your enterprise's core competitiveness be enhanced.

maintenance means to monitor site health, found running issue resolved in a timely manner, and runs the Web site related to statistics, reporting to our clients.